Colm Brazel is a father of 4 one of whom Sam has autism. His hobbies are astrophotography and Ham radio. Passing Comreg examinations he is qualified in CW and has the call sign EI4KO. His Flickr site is where you can follow his developing interest in astronomy and astrophotography. Colm lives in Dublin and is married to Deborah. His Alma mater was UCD where he graduated with honours degree in English and philosophy and later postgraduate degree MA in Modern English and American Literature. He returned to complete part time degree in Mathematics successfully added to his degree. For a number of years he was Adobe user group manager for Dublin presenting on various web development topics on a regular basis. He set up the web development company and is self employed. The blog he set up following the financial crash in Ireland subsequent to 2008 it’s purpose to investigate the role of banking and shadow banking, macroeconomics, Ireland’s relationship with the EU on bailout issues. He uses the blog to research and highlight both local and global issues effecting Ireland through financialisation and has a keen interest in matters relating to shadow banking. He is a critic of the emerging role of centralisation in the EU and believes our best option is to follow Brexit with Irexit.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Colm Brazel is a web developer living in Dublin, Ireland.

    Concerned about the upcoming NAMA legislation in Ireland he has built the site to explore information on the proposed legislation and hopefully so that he and others become better informed on the issues surrounding NAMA.

  2. Robert Browne said

    Colm you should have a look at the this thread

    To my mind, it looks like it was Honohan who decided Ireland needed a bailout and he concluded his ‘negotiations” before letting what he and Kevin Cardiff filter through to Brian Lenihan.

    • colmbrazel said

      Hi Robert,

      Honahan has been a disaster for Ireland. Because of his particular responsibilities as a member of the governing council of the ECB, he should never have had the role he was given in negotiating Ireland’s bailout. The fact that he was severely compromised I raise here as cbweb . Apart from that, his negotiating skills have been a disastrous embarrassment and continue to be so. I think they extend to travelling about Europe seeking support for Ireland’s position from the other 27 member states. How more disastrously pathetic is that? Could senior bondholders of Irish banks have a better friend? As regards Corporation Tax, his intention to make good on senior debt is only matched by his intent taxpayers will have to pay. He has guaranteed the destruction of the Irish economy.



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