Brexit and Kafka’s Castle

June 5, 2016

“Ms Coppinger referred to Mr Noonan’s previous comments to the committee where he said that “vultures provide a very good service in the ecology through cleaning up dead animals that are littered across the landscape”.

Enda Kenny meanwhile has refused to carry out an inquiry into the smoking gun of Nama’s involvement in sale of NI portfolio to the Cerberus vulture fund. Hard to believe the interests of Irish taxpayers appear to be served more in NI and the UK in these investigations than shady coverups on the home turf led by Kenny and Noonan.

Cerberus won the auction by offering Stg£1.241bn for loans linked to the Northern Ireland properties. The reserve price was Stg£1.24bn. The issue has also raised troubling questions for RTE’s Primetime.

The markdown could have been as high as $5bn.

“Another Stormont committee is carrying out a separate investigation into a controversy surrounding Cerberus’s purchase of Nama’s loan portfolio in Northern Ireland.”

The sale is also being investigated by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA).

This sale is also subject of investigation in the US.

While a red carpet is rolled out for vulture funds and shady dealings in NAMA we turn a blind eye to, taxpayers are being hosed with a media onslaught from another quarter:

The trickle of propaganda from the Irish media led by RTE is turning into a daily flood of stories campaigning against Brexit with cataclysmic claims this will lead to the collapse of the global economy, collapse of the EU.


If such a litmus test of the global economy and the EU leads anywhere near such fearful outcomes, then there already is something rotten in the global economy and EU institutions that requires lancing. Voting for UK to stay in the EU will not avoid such outcomes.

Currently the global economy and the EMU are on the brink of failure. Japan, Russia, South America and the EMU(European Monetary Union) even the USA all belong to the list of ever increasing debtor economies that drift towards economic collapse as debt levels ceaselessly rise and choke the remainder of the living economy.

The rise of shadow banking since 1970, deregulation and a mushrooming global financial sector that grows bureaucracies and casino usury economics is a now an ever present danger to world growth and development. Derivatives, stocks and bonds the chips of modern finance have overinflated values by 50%, commodity prices due to manipulation by TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks have fallen to values as low as those that triggered the collapse of Lehman’s that began the financial collapse of Wall Street in 2008.

In Europe, peripheral nations are hoovered of public taxes to service the lender bailout banks of Germany and France. Insider nations such as Italy, Spain and France are also in decline and at risk of submerging due to lack of economic growth.

Democracy itself struggling under the snake eyes of economic collapse in Greece and elsewhere across Europe has seen a rise of militant right wing opposition movements from Austria to France to Germany itself toi name a few.

Should Britain vote to join the totalitarian and anti democratic movement that grows within the EMU that bank rolls the rich with QE(Quantitative Easing) and imposes austerity on the poor, the middle class a disappearing species?

Increasing taxation and disappearing public services in health and education are the hallmark of a growing totalitarianism as evidenced in Ireland’s recent water controversy debacle.

Bureaucracy, unfair process, futility of dissent, absurd undermining of common sense and democratic will of the people lead inevitably to a failed totalitarian experiment we’ve already experienced with a failed USSR now failing within its newer incarnation, the EU.

Ireland was led by the ECB into financial collapse then we were stuck for the bill for this. Our politicians cosseted and enticed by Brussels with low tax, political appointments to the European parliament and its various commissions with extraordinary salaries seize the opportunity for unelected office.

Yet these politicians in the European parliament have no power to propose or pass laws as the European parliament itself is controlled by mysteriously unelected bureaucrats.

Thousands and thousands of bureaucrats and administrators in the European Commission and yet we’ve had financial collapse, deregulation of our construction industry, pyrite and mica  collapsing residential property across the country.

We have ghost estates and a useless government enthralled with their subsidised salaries from Europe unable to get a write down on unfair and odious debt levels heaped upon us from Europe.

Croneyism, protectionism and the barriers they create are costing European consumers higher prices for foods and goods protecting uncompetitive industries and preventing competition.

Every continent  is outgrowing Europe with its protectionism, over regulation, tariffs and trade barriers the World Trade Organisation tries to tackle.

Switzerland did not join the EU and is wealthy and successful on the free trade agreements it has negotiated with Latin America, China and America. Europe’s biggest companies are in Switzerland and it has a very successful financial sector.

This must trouble the scaremongers faced with accounting for Switzerland’s success.

No doubt there is an elite of politicians and members of Ireland’s financial sector profiting immensely from European from membership of the EU. Given the losses already incurred and that lie ahead for Ireland’s 99% arguments that point towards returning prosperity should be treated with caution if not disdain.

In the EU decisions are taken from the top and imposed on the bottom. At the top an elite cadre of politicians aided by an even vaster cadre in their thousands of unelected bureaucrats regulate the agenda from the top and impose their will on the bottom 99%.

A perfect example of this democratic faultline is Irish Water the Irish people voted against in the last election. Its now been revealed to us that the European commission require water charges to be imposed on the Irish people in spite of the democratic will of the people.

Expect this unhappy circumstance to be but the tip of the iceberg. So much so the need for an Irish parliamentary democracy in such a system now has to be questioned if it has been so sterilised that it has no democratic usefulness in a european context.

Consider the success of Switzerland the polar opposite of the EMU. Multinationals proliferate successfully there. Incomes are more transparently equitable, low taxes and its a super democracy. The prime minister does not decide if a referendum is to be held. 50,000 signatures mean a referendum must be held.

None of this Irish Water nonsense. Politicians are forced to fulfill the will of the people not the will of a financial elite or the will of so-called enlightened bureaucrats unelected and based in Brussels.

UK’s referendum on 23 June many people voting will have felt the frustration of Kafka’s K, with some unknown purpose defined by the unknown asked to vote for some unknown quantity defined by an unknown and distant European bureaucracy sent to them by the unknown sending them into the unknown.

Hopefully they will vote against caving in to remaining in the EU and emerge from its growing shadow to work towards a renaissance and development of a new democracy bringing prosperity to the people of the UK.

But see how big business including banks and the multinationals and those from the services industry have infiltrated the EU to demand through lobbying their special interests including successful ratification through the EU and the World Trade Organisation in The Brussels Business link below.

Their special interest represent an attack on the very fabric of democracy and national governments ensuring that absurdly any investments be protected from national laws. National laws including setting taxation nets to protect the public are now subsidiary to WTO and EU commission laws that require compensation to large corporations should national parliaments pass laws requiring fair taxes.

Secrecy and lack of transparency is the hallmark of this new Orwellian EU dominated by the interests of multinationals seeking to topple the influence of democracy itself.

As stated in one of the links below, “in democracy, it is one man, one vote; in Brussels, it is 1 euro, one vote. The ‘think tanks’, friends of Europe, research labs, lobbying groups are filled with representatives of companies lobbying their own special interest. These are the unelected unknowns creating this new Orwellian world pillaging and looting the remains of democracy with democratically elected powers that be already bought by financial interest groups.

The irony is the very success of these interest groups is self defeating as evidenced in the decline of Europe in recent years with the vast problems it faces ensuring a high probability of its own self destruction.

In recent years efforts have been made to reform the EU. In particular trojan efforts were made by Commissioner Kallas

He tried for a number of years to bring legislation forward for a Register of lobbyists to enhance transparency and legitimacy in decision making. In the end such efforts were watered down and the European Transparency Commission introduced a voluntary code. Who blocked it, no one knows.

Similar efforts at reform were made following the financial crash of 2008 and a think tank to consider regulation was set up of members ‘wise men’. It transpired all members of the think tank were connected to all of the leading financial and banking institutions including Lehman’s and Goldman Sach’s financial institutions  that had most to lose through regulation. Regulations proposed amounted to zero. Not a single member of the think tank was in favour of regulation.

Europe has become a tool of the 1% to exercise their control over the 99%. Democratic control of Europe is slipping away fast. Perhaps the UK referendum is Europe’s last chance to not only save the UK but also Europe itself from the Orwellian unknown unknowns that lie ahead.

European slow metamorphosis into an entity not imagined in its creation is one that needs to be brought under democratic control before freedom and democracy are lost and Europe’s dream becomes a nightmare. Europe has already had its share of such nightmares.


Martin Durkin’s documentary on Brexit contains many of the above arguments in favour of leaving the EU. See link below.







Draghi’s Keynesian Monetary policy stealing the public’s money through printing fake counterfeit QE




(3) Finian Cunningham


till again…..


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