Ireland Vs Liarland

December 22, 2015

I listened to Alan Kelly Minister for the Environment  interviewed on radio RTE this morning Dec 22 speaking on the topic of housing for which he holds political responsibility as major part of his portfolio (1a).

'Yes, I suppose certain narrow-minded people would call it a ‘pack of lies' - I prefer to think of it as creative up-selling.'

‘Yes, I suppose certain narrow-minded people would call it a ‘pack of lies’ – I prefer to think of it as creative up-selling.’

Homelessness has been declared a humanitarian crisis in Dublin with upwards of 2500 in emergency accommodation on a regular basis including families and young children.

Last Summer there were calls for Kelly (1b) to return to Ireland to deal with the case of a young family with 3 children forced to sleep in a park.

Most he can do is organise a rent freeze. Many landlords have used the opportunity to turf out those renting with them under the pretext of refurbishing their premises.

This will allow them to set rents higher and avoid the freeze. Index linking rises in rent to inflation levels has been torpedoed by Noonan, Minister for Finance.

The solution is weak capitulation to the financial forces obstructing reform. Banks are making too much money sucking the blood from the young.

Likewise his efforts to stop developers sitting on landbanks to prevent/reduce rising prices for land with a 3% levy has been an unbridled capitulation to vulture developers. According to Kelly there are ‘constitutional’ restraints on the imposition of such a tax levy at a rate higher than this? I find this argument absurd and ridiculous.

Government never had a problem imposing taxes on cigarettes or children’s footware; it appears there are now constitutional difficulties on imposing such taxes on rich landowners. Could this be due to the numbers of rich landowners, developers and owners or rental property who are also members of government.

Both Noonan and Kenny also cite the constitutional constraints on interfering with land ownership in a constructive way. We have to decide between incompetence or lies as to the reason why they cannot change the constitution if necessary to end such blockages. The constitution is there to serve not the vulturism of a ruling elite, but the people.

To be fair to Kelly, I believe he is not telling us lies; the alternative is he just isn’t up to the demands of his job. He is being duped and his role is to dupe us.

In the same vein Kelly when asked why his proposals to shoe in shoebox legislation. During the Celtic tiger years there was widespread condemnation of building regulations, studio apartments of shoebox size, 40sq metres. New proposals to reduce to 42sq metres similar sized apartments and similar reductions in standards for other apartment sizes represent the triumph of developer greed over common sense.

Perhaps rich farmers will invest in such small-sized apartments to house their young while attending college in Dublin.

According to Kelly, developers are not building apartments because to do so because of the current sizing of apartments, they are uneconomic to build compared to office accommodation!

Spare a thought for Kelly’s argument here. Apartments can be sold for astronomical sums around Central Park in New York City, but in the midst of a housing and homelessness crisis in the city of Dublin, planners and developers and other interested stakeholders, cannot make money out of building apartments even though we’re heading for the costliest and most expensive rents in Europe.

NB think carefully about this. He’s not talking about affordable housing, he’s saying money can’t be made on the building of apartments under the current legislation because they prevent the building of shoeboxes!

I’m sorry, folks, I can’t remain objective anymore. His thinking is that of an idiot and a gombeen. The dark side of this is that his strings are being pulled by those who want him to be ineffective.

He is totally ineffective and incompetent however many lies are told to make him appear a success. He isn’t at all unique in this government. Noonan committed up €31 billion of taxpayers money to remortgage his Anglo promissory note into long-term loans we must pay back forever. Then he argued that the token interest rate reductions from sky-high 8% to clipping these odious rates with extend and pretend, was a success!

Meanwhile Kenny with a failed Banking Inquiry and a quango Water boarding of the electorate, failed to persuade ECB we should be returned senior bondholder payments of €8 bn plus. Minister Varadker is trying to persuade nurse trolls to move trollies up into wards to create trolley wards. We are lucky Irish nurses are not trolls.

Its simple, add thousands of additional beds to our hospitals, build the thousands of homes necessary to house our people. Replace those who by lies and incompetence seek to persuade us this we cannot do this.

Our balance of payments deficit and our so-called economic growth has been brought about by the collapsing value of the euro against the dollar funded by dollar dealing multi nationals and exports. The accounts of the MNC’s  so opaque we cannot even account for the windfall €2bn coming to us as extra from corporation tax.

Our economy is Atlantic based not European based with little of our trade into Europe. Over the next Summer it is very possible Brexit will come to pass with Britain leaving Europe causing irreparable damage to our economy.

With the blind leading the blind, surely it is not too much to ask, we should seize the opportunity to hold a similar referendum in Ireland at the same time on our continued membership of the EU.

The European project has become an economic disaster with deflation knocking on Europe’s door, social tensions rising and political instability increasing.

Perhaps a New Free Trade agreement with a fairer resolution of Ireland’s debt profile; a new Ireland with a referendum mandating this?

Unfortunately most of the young people who could bring this about have emigrated, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Meanwhile lets just recognise stupidity and lies for what they are! A failed Irish Water, failed web summit, failed solution to housing and A&E crisis, failed solution to our debt crisis, we should recognise this government has failed.

Time for change.

Happy Christmas & a Peaceful New Year to you and yours.


till again


(1 a)

(1 b)

(1 c )



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