RTE Propaganda

November 8, 2015

propagandaBrendan O Connor of the Sunday Independent has joined the RTE queue to propagandise and excoriate the successful achievement of web summit founders , Daire Hickey and Paddy Cosgrave.

Sharon was clearly annoyed Paddy Cosgrave had pulled out of the interview below perhaps realising he had answered all questions and it was now time for colleagues to give their response to similar questions.

Sharon had no sympathy for Web Summit’s objectifying incompetence shown by the Taoiseach’s dept in lack of liaison  to address the needs of the Web Summit to improve its service to attendees.

O Connor ends his piece in the Independent with the arrogant assumption “And remembering that the last people who promised to make the world a better place were totalitarian regimes”. This linkage with totalitarianism is usually reserved for the left and for those who criticise those who hold the reins of power in FG/LB.

But generally O Connor in the past has shown quite an amount of intolerance for hard working and talented ‘nerds’. He should make friends with them.

Instead we had totalitarianism in action. Sharon’s questions were piqued and vindicative and dismissive in their non engagement with Daire’s logical and calm responses. This was not the media acting as the Fourth Estate guardian of democracy.

This was, how dare the Web Summit question the competence and professionalism of An Taoiseach’s department in ignoring efforts to improve Dublin’s infrastructure and its ability to host large events. Clearly An Taoiseach’s dept has taken upon itself this remit for itself and it did not like the challenge to its unilateral arrogation of such power to itself.

Another example of how RTE journalists tow the line is the following from Miriam O’Callaghan, but let’s allow RTE’s Claire Byrne set the stage:

In the following interview she gives the nudge to Michael Noonan, observing that

“Byrne remarked that Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis seemed to have ‘a bit of a a swagger’ and asked Noonan what he thought of him:

Noonan given the hint and opportunity takes it:

“He’s a bit of a rock star, I wouldn’t have the same sense of fashion.”

“He reminds me a lot of when RTE used to bring in academic economists and experts…they were very good in theory but they weren’t very good in practice.”

Noonan was also asked if Ireland had asked for a debt write down, he said:

“We asked for a debt write down but not in so many words. We asked for a debt write down by suggesting ways forward that would result in a debt write down.

I asked Mister Trichet for his approval to burn the single bondholders…he refused.

We pursued it to the point where to act unilaterally would have risked the country and I wasn’t prepared to do that.”


What you should notice from the above is the lack of probity, the tricky lack of questioning, the absence of challenge to Noonan’s claims.

Ahem, not good in practice because no one put into practice eg Morgan Kelly’s warnings.

But let’s not digress. Mister Trichet would argue he was never asked by the obedient and compliant for permission to burn the single bondholders.

I recall at the time government excoriation of the notion of burning bondholders was at the level of a pandemic.

Of course none of such informed views critical of Noonan would be allowed on RTE.

Take the ongoing housing crisis. Noonan has not been brought onto any Primetime or serious political analysis programme to answer and account for his department’s role in the current  housing, rental and homeless crisis. Such questions as:

  • Can government set aside 1 billion next budget to build a set number of starter homes to respond to Dublin’s housing crisis and similar in other major cities.
  • http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/state-pension-fund-takes-10m-hit-as-chinese-shares-slump-31487213.html Should not Irish Investment funds target strategic investment locally instead of losing paper money internationally.
  • Is there a policy to starve the development of housing infrastructure to facilitate foreign vulture funds pillaging and looting of Irish housing residential and commercial stock to drive out private ownership and replace it with a rent only property system.
  • Are both the Central Bank and Dept of Finance creating conditions favouring a housing bubble to maximise the return on lending to developers at the expense of the young people of Ireland and their housing needs.
  • Is it government policy to drive young people and the homeless to emigrate rather than provide housing, jobs, healthcare and education for them; to replace them with a 1% unburdened of taxation, the road to a banana republic of intolerant totalitarianism looting the poorer members of society.

Miriam O’Callaghan’s full interview with former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis …click here…

is another example of full on full-blown effort to shower a storm of negatives onto an unsuspecting interviewee…

“Its as if we haven’t had this conversation so far, let me remind you once more…”

Yanis response in defence of repeated refusal by O’Callaghan to engage with his answers.


O’Callaghan at the end of the interview makes the embarrassing comparison, we succeeded(????) in negotiating terms for our Promissory Note very favorable to us.

Its embarrassing in the sense the terms were forced upon us by our ECB creditors who were afraid that

a) a subsequent government in Ireland would catch itself on and refuse to pay it at all, or negotiate as Greece did succeeding in getting a debt write-down

b) in return for extend and pretend and cutbacks on interest rate coupons, ECB laundered the loan into a commercially sound legal agreement enforceable by international commercial law.pro_war_propaganda

I was curious to hear Claire Byrne chairing a discussion on our housing crisis with various spokespeople.

One member of the panel ventured the remark that Alan Kelly, Minister for the Environment, that his housing department had not even spent their budget on housing for this year.

Claire Byrne immediately jumped in to say RTE had been on to the Dept this morning and were told that the budget would be spent in the 4th quarter of this year.

What I’m curious about is whether RTE now insist on a list of points or questions that will be raised by panelists to allow them to vet any exchanges? Big Sister thought control?

Light weight interviews for government spokespeople have reached ridiculous proportions. In Health Leo Varadkar vacant and pensive answers as to why 90yr old people are on trolley’s in A&E are obediently lavished with subservient attention and acceptance, “Well, we are dealing with a lot of variables here, any one of these can lead to that situation. We are working to make improvements.”

Yes, we do have a kitchen cabinet minding the stove for invisible interests.

There is no, “the buck stops here”. There is radical contrast between what the minister says, propaganda, and the reality described by Health Care professionals in the field. Kenny and Varadkar have swallowed their own propaganda and now believe nonsense.

Another A&E for drug users and the violent to protect the decent public? Instead austerity coupled with the agenda to run down hospitals and promote private health care for those who can afford it, is the new agenda.

We used to have Question Time and the Fourth Estate Pillar of Democracy. Today we have investigative journalism reined in and a bevy of PR ladies for Fine Gael / Labour ready at all times to sling mud on legitimate free speech in defence of democracy. Irish Water protestors can rot in jail for all these media tigers care.

Minister of State for Primary Care, Mental Health and Disability likewise recently ventured to her interviewer that her department had to lobby others for changes, so, go figure whose running the show?

Lest I be accused of misogyny let me say that the charge of propaganda grilling of those who challenge vested interests in favour of the status quo, is not in any way gender based. In RTE lacklustre probity when it comes to government spokespeople is not at all gender based, but extends across the board.

I believe there is a new Saturday Night Show host, but I can’t remember the presenter’s name, must be very shallow. Then there’s Tubridy, stonily shallow. There again I’m no great expert on RTE and avoid it, when I can.

RTE should bring back Question Time and allow the Irish public to ask the questions.


till again





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