Tourism, Jobs, State Propaganda

January 1, 2015

I suppose we’ll have to wait until next February for an update on this year’s tourism figures for Ireland from Tourism Ireland. Meanwhile if you go to their website you can read figures for “increased by +8.2% for the November 2013-January 2014 period.”!/About-Us/Press-Releases/2014/Tourism-Ireland-Welcomes-8-2-Growth-in-Overseas.aspx

Neill Gibbons CEO of Tourism Ireland “I particularly welcome the growth of +8.5% from Britain for that three-month period.”

Some figures from elsewhere with a missing archive from 2014 echo these growth claiming +7ml tourists came to Ireland in 2014.

Likewise there has been some good news here

“Despite a fall of 18 per cent in the numbers of people moving from Ireland to the UK, it continued to be the most popular destination for migrants of all nationalities, with 17,900 going there in the 12-month period.”

By far the largest proportion of emigrants to have left Ireland 2009-2014 are those in the 25-45 age group with the proportion increasing as you add in family members and children.

There has been significant migration into Ireland in those years. However, if we just take emigration to the UK, a conservative estimate of 100,000+ would have emigrated there over the past five years.

All of these people would have close ties to people left behind in Ireland. It would be fair to conclude with the ease of air travel between UK and Ireland a significant proportion of those emigrants would return to Ireland on regular visits.

To my knowledge there has been no research focusing on the status of individual visitors to Ireland; if such visitors are tourists in the real sense, or emigrants forced to emigrate and returning to Ireland desperate to keep in contact with loved ones.

Likewise there have been significant claims of a turnaround in Ireland’s economy over the past few years.

Now I know this writer has been claiming lack of independence by the ESRI and I hold the view still its operational mandate steers closer to propaganda for state vested interests than true independence. Part of this is accounted by light weight probity in regard to aspects of the Irish economy that should be of public interest.

For example, if we look at the glowing state of the Irish economy described in the ESRI winter 2014 quarterly report,

The Irish economy has seen significant growth in 2014 with improvements
observable across a broad set of key indicators. Output growth (both GNP and
GDP) is set to increase by approximately 5 per cent while unemployment will fall
to just over 11 per cent. A key feature of economic developments in 2014 has
been the particularly strong performance of taxation receipts with all major items
reporting significant year-on-year increases”propaganda

” While the continued poor performance of the
Euro Area constitutes a significant downside risk for future domestic growth prospects, we expect continued strong foreign demand for Irish goods and services next year. This will almost certainly be complemented by a significant contribution to growth from domestic sources”

Private Consumer Expenditure of €85bn 2014 compared to €83bn 2013 with a corresponding small marginal difference between net imports/exports over these 2 years, belie the wild claims for output growth above.

Public Net Current Expenditure at 2013 €26bn has dropped to €25.7 in 2014. Is this because of the savings made on social welfare payments to the emigrants of 2013/2014.

You must be joking if you expect ESRI to give a breakdown of Public expenditure in terms of bondholder payments on the national bailout!

ESRI give no figures on the wealth generated into the Irish economy by those emigrants returning money back into Ireland to pay down mortgage debt for example, or to support their families still living in Ireland.

Such is the propaganda world we live in that there are no official figures that characterise the contribution made to Irish tourism and the Irish economy by the inward and outward flow of wealth created by those who’ve been forcibly forced to emigrate from Ireland.

The lightweight research that amounts to the propaganda of the ESRI, in the absence of real probity and research into the effects of emigration and tourism on the Irish economy, should be regarded with strong caution by those among us who aim to be discerning.

Happy New Year!


Till again.



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