Kenny’s Water Loo

December 11, 2014

punchandjudyIt’s a wonder a small group of politicians facing political extinction and annihilation at the next election have not stepped into Kenny’s office and asked him to move aside in favour of some heir incumbent to save their political futures.

A massive turnout of  40,000 by Garda estimates belied the tip of the iceberg nature of the figure with public service workers in education, health and other public services unable to attend the protest against Irish Water because of the weekday and their inability to get off work.

As government resistance to ending the debacle of Irish Water continues, further resistance from the people who spoke on Wed 10 December will deepen.

Lack of government response means a government without power led by vested interests, a Punch and Judy show, controlling the people, not serving the people.

Greece and Rome in another age were the levers upon which the world turned; today its Greece and The Ukraine.

Some years ago I had the good fortune to visit Lviv in the Ukraine and spoke to teachers from a second level school in the city. Teachers stated that most in the profession were female. The reason was that a teacher’s salary could not provide for a family.

Teachers even with a science degree could only obtain temporary work of a part-time nature. It was poorly paid. Schools were badly funded with equipment in short supply if supplied at all. They feared further cutbacks.

Economic collapse and a government overthrow replacing a democratically elected government with a puppet government whose right-wing credentials extend to pro nazi extremist armed groups, have since made matters worse for Ukraine.

And worse:

“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has spotted a shortfall of $15 billion on top of the $17 billion bailout loan package it has worked out for the troubled country, according to reports. This black hole is especially worrisome as the world’s economies are facing slower global growth and so the appetite to help out Ukraine may dwindle – especially as the country’s economy is in such trouble.”

Inflation hit 22% in November, probably underestimated but expected to shrink by 7% this year. Its edging towards hyper inflation marked by 50% house price rises per month.

According to a leaked budget proposal

According to Simon Black,, Notes From The Field December 10, 2014 , Santiago, Chile:

“The proposal includes measures to cut public education in Ukraine from 11 to 9 years. And more importantly, education will no longer be funded by the state.

There will be no more free food for children in school or for patients in hospitals, and healthcare will no longer be completely state-funded.

The government is also proposing to drastically reduce pension benefits.

Women will have to work 10 more years in order to qualify for a pension, and men an additional 5.

They’re also proposing to FREEZE pension benefits, i.e. no longer adjusting them to the rampant inflation that’s unfolding in Ukraine.

They’d also like to do away with a number of other public services; they’ve proposed slashing the number of judges, prosecutors, and police.

They’ve even proposed reducing the number of members of parliament from 450 to 150.”

Masking economic turmoil are border issues and sovereignty issues often staged to conceal real economic issues.

In Greece, Alexis Tsipras, head of the Syriza party, in 2012 denounced the cuts in the public welfare system imposed by creditors. Since then Polls consistently rank Syriza as Greece’s most popular party, and the most likely to form the next government.

Europe is seeing the rise of anti austerity and anti-Europe parties across Europe.

“Greek stocks dropped 1 percent today after the benchmark Athens Stock Exchange Index plunged 13 percent yesterday, the steepest fall since 1987. Ten-year bond yields soared again after jumping 93 basis points to 8.18 percent yesterday, roughly where they were in April 2010 during negotiations on the first bailout.”

“Political tumult in Greece, plunging stock and bond markets, the threat of default and exit from the euro: the script is eerily similar to the nightmare scenarios of 2010 and 2011.

Debt-infested Greece skidded close to the edge then, saved by 240 billion euros ($297 billion) in emergency loans improvised by European governments led by a reluctant Germany. Now, after achieving some signs of economic recovery, the government in Athens is again teetering, provoking a fresh round of doomsday speculation.”

The austerity agenda is not working in the Ukraine nor is it working in Greece.

Looting and pillaging of the public sector by the banking sector and private sector across Europe is unravelling. The agenda unveiling of using taxpayer’s money to pay for IMF and troika bank bailout loans combined with no taxation for the rich with super taxation for the poor is crippling economies in Europe.

Europe is not out of the woods yet. Early months of 2015 should provide some startling economic events that could surprise.

Meanwhile in Ireland, Enda Kenny has sown his political Waterloo in Irish Water. The austerity agenda of reduced public services, increasing taxes and charges is leading to a looting and pillaging of the Irish taxpayer assets to satisfy the demands of odious debt and increasingly odious foreign investment.

Already rents in Dublin have risen by 10-20% fuelled in part by vulture funds buying into the rental sector and controlling prices.

Government face A Hobson’s choice of unattractive options:

They could build houses in Dublin and sell them cheaply thus reducing the average cost of both rent and mortgages. However, falling house prices would have a negative impact on capital assets of the banking sector.

They can do nothing. They can do nothing and choose to be the puppets of the international and local banking and financial sector. This requires little competence and is the tool of choice for actors in a Punch and Judy show with invisible hands controlling their role in propping up a failed local and international banking sector.

Kenny’s leading of FG/LB in his charge of the Light Brigade against the will of Irish taxpayers will consign his party to the same fate as that of The Green’s, Labour and Fianna Fail.

It’s now time to think independently.

till again


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