Tapping In

November 5, 2014

Postscript added 05/11/14

Colmbrazel's Blog

Consider the scenario, austerity, 20%+ income tapdrops plus hidden taxation charges for those who have employment over the past few years. Savage cuts in Education and Health; large reductions in the number of full-time jobs in the civil service. Reduced services for members of the public.

Profligacy in setting up quangos or unnecessary infrastructural projects, you would think, would be out of the question.

Lets say members of the troika suggest our water infrastructure is in a terrible state. We’ve known this for decades and refused even during Celtic tiger years to impose this cost on the population. It would make sense during austerity to thread carefully where angels fear to thread; to spend wisely and invest only in real and present improvements.

But a reflexively obedient and compliant regime are persuaded the best way to impress their betters is to immediately act upon their advice and impress them with immediate…

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