State Propaganda

March 9, 2014

Presided over by Queenie a la Angela Merkel with Bono as Baldrick and Enda Kenny as Prince Percy one could wonder if we were being treated to a modern day episode of BBC’s Black Adder starring Rowan Atkinson.blackadder

It was difficult to suspend disbelief as up to 2,000 delegates arrived in Dublin this week  for the start of the European People’s Party (EPP) conference, where the group picked its preferred candidate to succeed José Manuel Barroso as president of the European Commission.

It was a signal of Ireland’s new protectorate, dominion status within the EMU, a far cry from 1916 and our constitutional independence. Setting the stage for the visit was the set aside of Dail business for three days of government propaganda as FG/LB mounted a propaganda media onslaught extolling its success since coming to office.

It could have been the funeral of Kim Il Sung of North Korea or event organised by Goebbels, Minister for Propaganda in Germany, instead we were treated to a real signal if one were needed of the passing of the Irish economy into the ownership of its paymaster Queenie and the German European People’s Party.

Enda Kenny played second fiddle.

In a distinctively vacuous, glove puppet speech he sang from the same hymn sheet he’s been drawing from since coming to office. While praising his government for stabilising the economy by imposing an odious burden of €67 bn bailout on his own people, a fact even the IMF found difficult to swallow, he takes unctuous pride in self-imposed austerity praising his own government for complicit obedience to Queenie and his success so far in carrying off the feat.

Not that the economy of Ireland has turned around and been saved from doom yet, see below.

His lack of success in obtaining relief from the odious debt bailout of German bondholders increases the irony of self-congratulatory sentiment. Massive emigration of young Irish people keeping them off the streets is a silent refutation of any claim to economic success. The propagandistic economic turnaround claimed by Enda Kenny has so far proved itself little more than a dead cat bounce.

The coalition demonstrating its mastery of  cult of personality propaganda shows the coalition have nothing to learn from North Korea; this was demonstrated in the participation of U2’s Bono at the event. According to Bono, “the Irish People Bailed the Irish People Out”…. To be fair, Bono supported the Financial Transaction Tax in his speech. It is ironic that the coalition are against such a tax.

His speech overall was even more cringing and vacuous than Kenny’s. No, Bono, the Irish people had no say in their bailout, it was imposed on them by political incompetence and devious chicanery. Perhaps a more attentive and precise consideration of language in support of his arguments would be a gain for him, rather than the baleful loss implicit in his immodest speech.

More irony is here than meets the eye. Bono is a tax exile and pays little or no tax in Ireland.

RTE coverage of Ukraine backdrop to EPP conference

Critics of the EPP and Bono were portrayed as nasty by RTE propaganda; RTE have been unable to deal with the complexity of Ukraine and Crimea riven by unfolding events reminiscent of the Serbian and Yugoslav wars where ultra right-wing nationalist hatred fueled ethnic cleansing.

Their coverage of the situation has been piecemeal and shoddy and one-sided. They have failed to get to the heart of the dangers of a growing nationalist extremist infiltration of democratic movements in the Ukraine. Such ultra nationalistic movements led to atrocities in Serbia and Bosnian genocide.

Clearly there is more at work here than legitimate desire for democracy in Ukraine and the West needs to be extremely careful that small mistakes do not mushroom into calamity.

Bono Tax

Like a stateless Apple paying a few million on billions of income stripping tax assets from countries right across the world, Bono has his own money safely hidden away in his own tax haven. Perhaps the OECD can designate his own tax affairs illegal along with the imposition of a full 40% transaction tax on Apple and U2?

Universal Health Care Farce or Comedy of Errors

White Paper model preparatory documentation for Free Universal Health Care now safely projected into 1919 is absent in the new propaganda models delivering this myth by the coalition. This was another Irish media topic for the EPP visitors if they glanced at Irish tv/radio.

It was difficult to pin this down, costings, how it could be funded, what it meant, when it would come about, but ‘Free Universal Health Care’ sounds good in a Orwellian universe.

Sale of BOI shares and false CSO figures

Meanwhile shares in BOI took a knock during the week with the sale of Wilbur Ross and Fairfax 6.4% of their stake. Shares in BOI traded 9% lower. One would presume the confidence mooted in the original purchase in the Irish economy of the stake, has run out.

Writing in the Sunday Independent 2 March 2014 P26, Colm McCarthy made the interesting observation that employment statistics quoted ad nauseam by members of the coalition in support of an employment turnaround in the Irish economy, are suspect. The CSO on this blog has been questioned before as to its role as propaganda arm of the state rather than true pursuit of objective and scientific analysis of data.

“The CSO conducts a quarterly household survey which provides the most comprehensive picture of trends in the labour market. Unfortunately, the figures for employment in agriculture have been distorted by methodology changes and they are making the overall picture look better than it really is. Over the last two years total employment has grown by just under 60000. But 37000 of this increase is supposed to have occurred in farming. Farm output has changed little over that period but on-farm employment appears to have grown by no less than 46%. Non farm employment has performed as indicated in the accompanying table below.”

McCarthy cites Industry -0.6%, Accommodation/Hospitality +12.8%, Construction -3.7%, Professional/Scientific Technical +19.7%, Public Admin, Health, Education, +0.5%, All Other -1.2%, total non farm, +1.3 (Source: CSO, Quarterly National Household survey, Q4 2013, Table 3a.

I would challenge these results further, especially in the Professional/Scientific Technical sector. We need a true auditing of claimed jobs provided by this sector.

This sector often advertises phantom jobs required by firms in receipt of government subvention and subsidy. Perhaps the media could examine more the claims made by companies advertising jobs to comply with their claim on subsidies, rather than the real supply of real jobs carried out by real people.

According to McCarthy “gross state debt is equal roughly to 150% of its annual income”.

1% or 2% marginal growth rates in the economy, or minor injections provided by the tourism “gathering” economy, show why Wilbur Ross and Fairfax are leaving along with our young people.

No amount of propaganda from FG/LB, the CSO and the media can hide the fact the Irish economy is in danger of imminent collapse through the inaction of FG/LB in obtaining debt write-down.

Unfortunately, Micheal Martin leader of FF, is leader of a party that brought about our financial meltdown, is a cheerleader of austerity,  is ex minister of the government that gave us the ludicrous state guarantee of debt in the banks. He has led support of the financial sector and bailout; is a look-alike political doppelganger of Enda Kenny.

He provides little opposition in a country whose confidence in its politicians has reached a new low, a country that is now little more than a puppet protectorate of the EPP with dominion status in a more and more Orwellian EU. Ultra nationalist extremism occurs as an element of another party in Irish political life.

Independents should do well next time out…



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