Media Control

October 13, 2013

The media in Ireland has come a long way from the heyday of The Late Late Show hosted byPBF_Logo Gay Byrne alive with the weekly possibility of a controversy on some social issue of interest to the public.

With Tubridy today The Late Late has been bridled and brought under control to be not even a shadow of its distant past with viewer numbers dropping by the week.

You are far more likely to have your brain washed away with some interview of a less than minor celebrity imported from a resident panel of Coronation Street stars ready to hop on the plane to fill an empty Late Late Show slot than anyone debate what really is happening in Ireland.

Thus it came as no surprise to the organisers of Dr Ellen Brown’s visit to Ireland that stiff resistance to having her visit covered by the main media in Ireland would be found.

Alongside the social, political,  intellectual, historical  and very contemporary aspects of the work of Dr Helen Brown, she has made a large contribution to the debate on the history of money, banking, financial fraud.

Dr Brown is proposing alternative solutions the media do not wish the public to hear.

The media, if Ireland were not like Russia of old, should have been interested….

There was a human interest story  provided (  by Séamas Ó Muilleaneóir, a retired army officer of Irish military, a sponsor of Dr Brown’s tour out of his own pocket. How could he do this and why would he do something like this?

Public Meeting

First public meeting of Banking Forum for Ireland was held on Saturday 13/10/2013 at Springfield Hotel, Leixlip Rd, Dublin and it was a success. The meeting did not have the Bill Tyne (see below) exhortations of successful exit from bailout of the Fine Gael meeting happening in Limerick around the same time.

Links to videos from here shortly.

Instead other alternatives to our failing approach to Ireland’s imminent financial collapse were explored including safeguards against bail in of Irish depositors as a hedge against further losses in our banks, alternative currencies, fears for the Credit Union sector, especially the valuable Public Banking Model.

Speakers highlighted the growing number of suicides because of our financial crisis along with deteriorating standards in our health and educational system due to government cutbacks and austerity. The dumbing down in our educational system was highlighted.

Dr Brown treated those in attendance  to a thought-provoking and illuminating dissertation on the history and role of money, its evolution as a means of exchange in our world. The current system requires radical overhaul because of its failures and the extent of its imminent collapse.

Assisting Séamas Ó Muilleaneóir are a diverse group of individuals interested in exploring a broad range of solutions to Ireland’s deep financial problems even if outside the narrow confines of solutions that have failed.

They are dedicated to the ideals of education and research and bringing that knowledge regarding alternative  model approaches to our financial crisis to the public as a means to solve Ireland’s growing debt crisis. Their message is actively suppressed while Orwellian black-white propaganda is freely disseminated by the state media into the public domain.

Shunned by the media

In his keynote speech Séamas Ó Muilleaneóir  “Our media are functioning far more like what worked in russia 50 years ago…RTE point blank refused to entertain any comment good, bad or indifferent on the fact that we were trying to drive a discussion about an alternative. There was no room for discussion in our national media for which we pay.”

Typical media discussion around our debt pile revolves around those eg who believe in regard to upcoming budget we should cut by €3.1bn compared to aka Stephen Donnelly TD, left-wing neo liberals, who believe we should cut to €2.5bn.  Those who control the media will not allow any discussion on whether the cutoff should be zero. In effect, the media is a propaganda arm of the troika, the IMF and the banking/financial service community.

Even less is discussion on leaving the euro seen as worthy of debate. Such discussion and thought are firmly suppressed in our state controlled media. Many highly paid individuals who are spokespeople on economics and financial affairs want their roles protected under the umbrella of the current status quo.

Public Awakening

There is a growing realisation in Ireland of a growing disjunction between what the public think and what the media and political parties are asking them to accept. A recent example of this was the rejection by the public of massive campaigning by political parties to axe the Seanad.

Marches against austerity are occurring more frequently with larger numbers in attendance.

Low popularity in the polls of The Labour Party, the Fine Gael party and Fianna Fail represent acknowledgement of failure to represent people and the perception that the current FG/LB coalition are mere bailiffs of the financial/banking sector, taxpayers handed the bill to pay for political and financial failures inside a crumbling financial sector.

Fine Gael National Conference 2013 took place on Friday/Saturday, October 11-12 at the South Court Hotel, Limerick. Keynote speech of An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, was ecstatic on the fact we were about to exit the bailout.

Surely Enda Kenny must by now be the Irish Chemical Ali of bailout and the troika.

“The coalition government of Fine Gael and the Labour Party is due to release a budget next week to cut the budget deficit by one-third, with a 2.5-billion-euro package of spending cuts and tax rises.

The Finance Ministry had announced this week that the economy was expected to grow 0.2 percent this year and grow by 1.8 percent in 2014.

It is not clear if Ireland will need a precautionary credit line to insulate it against market shocks. Noonan indicated the country may exit the bailout without the credit line. This would block Ireland from accessing the European Central Bank’s Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT) program of government bond purchases.”

Extolling the non virtuous state of our economy to world markets who monitor emigration rates consistently is plain stupid but Kenny persists in delusory nonsense. Lenders who see the growing taxation burdens, high emigration rates, its a no brainer to see why they will leave this country to its plight as our emigrants with high educational attainments are doing daily.

Lenders will make the same judgment as Irish emigrants have made.

Enda Kenny as Billy Tyne  must think his luck will hold though the weather forecast is against him and arguably his icing ‘propaganda’ machines are no longer working (Seanad elections) with public rejection growing in the face of growing defeat.

Already a precautionary credit line has been agreed of €10 bn. The €85 bn is government debt.

Ireland’s combined debt total of public and private debt is closer to 1 trillion euros.

When both NAMA and bailout were originally negotiated the figure of 3% growth was set out as the minimum survival conditions for carrying its burden of lending.

We’ve long failed to reach even that.

Enda Kenny, having significantly failed to deal with Ireland’s debt burden, may act as Taoiseach but even as an actor he doesn’t have acting abilities, least of all acting abilities as fine as those possessed by George Clooney.

“Billy Tyne is a sword-fishing-boat captain out of Gloucester, highly competitive and stung by a string of poor outings. His crew is hardly back in port when he tells them he’s going out again, even though it’s October and the weather can turn ugly. Five join him: the young Bobby, newly in love; Murph, a devoted father recently divorced; Sully, a guy Murph despises; Bugsy, who’s finally met a woman who likes him; and Alfred, a quiet Jamaican. They catch little, so they sail east, with Tyne ignoring storm warnings behind him. Finally, the fish bite, but the ice machine fails. Should they head home through the storm of the century, or wait it out and lose their catch?”

Further austerity cuts will weaken the patient  already in a deep coma.

An Taoiseach speaking at the Fine Gael Ard Fheis was full of enthusiasm and confidence highlighting our exit from bailout in the coming months.

He must be a betting man like Sean Quinn, or just plain stupid.

Further information on the schedule of Dr Ellen Brown’s visit to Ireland and contact information at




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