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September 30, 2013

Enda B o o!

The propaganda machine to abolish the Seanad is in full swing. Sure, The Seanad is in need of reform, but, at the moment, we need every institution with democratic powers, to defend democracy in the state.

Now is not for us to allow Pinocchio, Ceaucescu like dictatorial leadership in this state, instead of reforming the state, and making it more democratic, to replace the democratic pillar of The Seanad, with the rule of the “pillar banks”.

Full guide to The Seanad and coming referendum from

What does the Seanad do?

English: Arms of Ireland depicted as a banner ...

English: Arms of Ireland depicted as a banner and in a manner like during the Kingdom of Ireland period. Based on File:Arms of Ireland (Historical).svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” Making laws

At present, the Oireachtas (the National Parliament of Ireland) consists of the President, the Dáil and the Seanad. The Dáil and Seanad are the Houses of the Oireachtas. The Oireachtas makes the laws of the country.

Proposed laws are called Bills. In order to become law, a Bill must be passed both by the Dáil and by the Seanad and then signed by the President. The Bill then becomes an Act.

The process of making general laws starts when a Bill is presented in either the Dáil or the Seanad. Members of each House may propose changes to Bills. The Seanad has the power to delay a Bill by up to 90 days but does not have the power to prevent it becoming an Act or to change it unless the Dáil agrees. ”

Its powers are severely curtailed and limited. It does however have the power to propose and examine Bills that may or may not be passed into law.

Abolishing the Seanad will do away with article 27 of the Irish Constitution

The Seanad has the power to voice the will of the people in proposing a referendum on matters it considers relevant to the people:

“Reference of Bills to the People

Article 27

This Article applies to any Bill, other than a Bill expressed to be a
Bill containing a proposal for the amendment of this Constitution,
which shall have been deemed, by virtue of Article 23 hereof, to
have been passed by both Houses of the Oireachtas.
1. A majority of the members of Seanad Éireann and not less
than one-third of the members of Dáil Éireann may by a joint
petition addressed to the President by them under this Article
request the President to decline to sign and promulgate as a
law any Bill to which this article applies on the ground that the
Bill contains a proposal of such national importance that the
will of the people thereon ought to be ascertained. ”

If this referendum is passed:

  • This possibility of the reference of Bills to the people by the President will be removed from the Constitution. “

Taken from the referendum website

“Approval of certain European Union (EU) proposals

At present, Ireland may adopt and implement certain EU laws and decisions – for example, in the areas of justice, free movement of people and certain amendments to EU treaties – only if this is approved in advance by both the Dáil and the Seanad.

If this referendum is passed:

  • Only the approval of the Dáil will be required for the adoption of such EU laws and decisions.”

The website makes ominous and vague reference to the ambiguous “certain amendments to EU treaties”

So, there is a helpline referendum commission 1890270970 I used to clarify the lack of information there: I rang the number at 10:06 on 30/09/2013. The number did not answer but I got through to another number 6395695 and was helpfully told to forward an email with the Q to which I’ve done, I’ll post here any results.

Further to the above, I’ve now received the clarification from Referendum Commission Secretariat:

It turns out the Seanad has a rather strong role as explained in the following link. It provides a forum for debate deliberation and consideration when called upton to act in the following areas:

See above link, “The Seanad’s role in relation to European Union (EU) laws and decisions” in determining the power of The European Council to amend or make changes to governing Treaties.

In the area of Enhanced Co-operation
“If Ireland wants to take part in this procedure, the prior approval of each of the Dáil and the Seanad is required.”

There are particular decisions under the treaties where Ireland may opt in or out. A particular instance example of this would be an enhanced role for member states, if this were to happen, voted upon by member states in regards to Syria for example.

The Seanad should have a role in the formulation of such policy.

Areas where Ireland may opt in or opt out are of interest and covered in the above link.

“The EU Treaties provide that Ireland (and the UK) is not obliged to take part in, or be bound by, decisions in what is known as the “Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”. This covers issues such as asylum, immigration, border controls, judicial co-operation and police co-operation.”

Article 29.4.7° and Article 29.4.8°

Voting to abolish the Seanad is a vote to throw out the baby with the bath water.

Dail reform and Seanad reform amounts to a demolition  of both in this growing  Pinnochio-like state of ours.

They want to annex the Seanad  save €20m…But you could do that by cutting Dail salaries in half to bring them in line with those in Norway…

Banking Inquiry

Propaganda is in full swing at the moment trying to demolish and fumble the proposed banking inquiry: WB Yeats, Sept 1913

“But fumble in a greasy till
And add the halfpence to the pence
And prayer to shivering prayer, until
You have dried the marrow from the bone?”

What the heck, its the centenary anniversary of the date, so full link to the complete poem here:

According to Nyberg and Honahan we already have in their reports all the information we need.

They went and spoke to a bunch of banking leaders who spun them a tale in confidence out of which Nyberg and Honahan spun a summary tale telling us nothing we did not already know before. We were sold a pup.

We havn’t had nor are likely to get a real inquiry.

We are likely to get a future burial of the truth.

What’s a real inquiry?

There should be 2 parts to it, Part One up to and including THE GUARANTEE; Part Two up to the present day inquiring into how the terms of our bailout were competently or incompetently dealt with.

Particular emphasis should be given on the role of Prof Honahan who seemed to act independently of the state in respect of the bailout, at one point making a call that should have been that of the Irish Minister for Finance, the late Brian Lenihan TD.

Subsequent disastrous and odious debt interest terms negotiated by Honahan ameliorated only out of embarrassment with better deals offered to Spain and Portugal, should also be investigated.

There have been other disastrous failures fronted by Enda Kenny and Michael Noonan who’ve left signatures on a failure to renegotiate bank debt.

This has been most disastrous in their failure to achieve burden sharing/debt or a deal based on debt for equity swaps for our banks.

They have failed to have our Promissory note terms rescinded and abolished. They have led us into a toxic debt profile that gets worse by the day.

The fabrication of lies and concealment of information around bank  negotiations has been turned into an industry by the present government. Lies and innuendo surround our banks, one of the larger deceptions being they are fully capitalised.

The black hole of mortgage debt loss and the crisis of personal debt liabilities have been covered up for now but they will emerge in oncoming stress tests.

According to Michael Noonan “

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has said the next round of capital stress tests of Irish banks would take place in the first half of next year and not before our EU-IMF bailout programme concludes at the end of 2013, as was originally planned.

Mr Noonan said yesterday he does not expect that these tests will result in the banks requiring extra capital to bolster their balance sheets and to meet their regulatory requirements ”

But Noonan is used to getting things wrong, here he categorically states we will not be needing a bailout

It turns out he’s wrong again and here he’s applying for a precautionary bailout of €10bn

So, folks, remember, when our EU-IMF bailout programme concludes at the end of 2013, that refers only to the current programme, they’ve another €10bn round of lending to stuff Ireland with ready in the wings.

Only when rubbish bailout becomes debt for equity swaps in our banks, burden sharing, debt writedown, will Ireland stop being led over the fiscal cliff of financial disaster, by the likes of Noonan.

Kenny’s and Noonan’s swan song for Ireland has a twin axis of constricting the economy through odious debt and a dismantling of Irish public services such as the recent announcement of ‘reform’ of the Junior Cert in Irish Education with schools and teachers mandated to design their own exams, correct them, issue their own certificates.

The danger of a raid on deposits through bail in of the Irish Pillar banks is a clear and present danger.


Our banking inquiry needs to abandon the oral history approach with individuals being questioned and responding according to their selective memory of what happened.

Instead we need legislation to follow the money.

Focus on the Dirty Dozen of the largest loans handed out to developers in each of the banks and investigate how the money was obtained, who sanctioned what, what documentation and oversight was given to the approval. Who got what bonuses on foot of these loans, qualifications of the management team?

The bonus culture should receive special attention.

Particular focus on political connections?

The above approach will reveal how the banks were run into the ground.

It should reveal how our banking system became infected by political favoritism and corruption and mindless greed mixed with incompetence, but the facts/evidence need to be brought to the surface.

Focus on the GUARANTEE should be given, who fed into the decision and on what basis was it made?

Nyberg of the Nyberg Report



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