The Bailiffs Part 11

December 16, 2012

This post is a follow-on from The Bailiffs previous post. I thought out of my respect for scientific, empirical, objective nuance and my call for a banking inquiry based approach to these matters, I would add a little more to this topic.

Here’s one decisive article on this topic, to which I’ve added the online comment below.

“Well done Vincent Martin. The more sane and rational voices we have to expose the massive deception foisted on Irish people, the better.

Hypocrisy calling for a public, sworn inquiry into Finucane report by Gilmore is matched only by FG/LB refusal to hold a public, sworn inquiry into our banks and this deception.

Britain has had its inquiry into the banks, the US set up its own inquiry into the banks and in one year with 19 public hearings and after examining millions of documents, produced a full book in January 2011, The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report. We are being told lies that a similar inquiry into our banking crisis and the decisions involved re promissory notes and the Irish banking guarantee(unprecedented in its lack of judgement), would take decades to complete?

How the erroneous cost of the banks through the guarantee was accounted for by decision makers has still not been revealed. We saw senior stooges in government with straight faces revise the cost exponentially over a 12 month period seeing the cost rise from €3bn to
€30 bn plus for Anglo alone while falsifying the view the Irish people were liable for the massive gambling debts of gamblers and political cronies.

Why do we not already have a full Garda inquiry into the disappearance of logs on the decision re promissory notes and the foisting of this debt on Irish taxpayers?

There is something rotten being covered up and the feel good, honour your debts mantra of FG is an economic disaster with a dark side to it that should be exposed. Unfortunately, banking interests, Bruton, Spring, Sutherland are there to see this will not happen.

We need to refuse to pay the promissory notes. A full public, sworn inquiry to expose the precise relationships between the Central Bank of Ireland, Anglo Irish Bank, the ECB, Irish Department of Finance and Irish politicians, that led to this disaster is being denied us to prevent answers to these questions coming out.

Not only should we not pay the promissory notes, but we should also have a public, sworn inquiry into their origin in our banking crisis.

The Irish people could use the outcome of such an inquiry to vindicate their right not to pay these illegal promissory notes. Precisely because such an inquiry would likely expose the incompetence and cronyism that led to this economic disaster that continues to this day, is reason enough for them not to hold such an inquiry and find and write-up those logs! ”

To put some more flesh on the above I have Tom Lyons of the Irish Times to thank for his article, Nov 11, Business, “Fatal Guarantee by Finance was ‘ heroic ‘: Hurley ..Central Bank boss backed political masters to the hilt”

Sure, if you believe the Charge of the Light Brigade was ‘ heroic’.

“John Hurley, Central Bank boss figures in Department of Finance ‘has finally released the documents following a two-year Freedom of Information on the release of key interviews with the Wright Commission in Sept 2010 as part of its probe into why the department failed to prevent, act or manage the financial crisis properly.”

“The Department of Finance refused to release Hurley’s interview and others on so-called public interest  grounds.”

Apparently no records exist to give the bread crumb trail we need to see Cowen led FF involvement in the Central Bank balance sheet ending in the disastrous guarantee.

The Information Commission rejected the position put forward by the Department of Finance. Department of Finance objected to release of information on grounds of  public interest  grounds. They should not be allowed to do this.

DOF have built Chinese walls to prevent the people seeing the truth. Every argument from protecting the right to privacy, to commercial sensitivity has been built to prevent public airing of the truth. 10 loans examined in public by IBRC with a commission empowered by real powers based on public interest, would reveal the hoax perpetrated on the democratic base upon this state is built.

One pernicious argument raised against such a commission quite apart from the arguments given above, is that it would persecute innocent individuals in a MCCarthyist draconian purge of innocence betrayed. We were all in this together, no individual has anything to answer!

The problem here is the state has failed the people and failed democracy. The judicial arm of the state has been corrupted and abused with arguments above that deny the accountability and responsibility to each individual in the state for their actions. Democracy has been set aside much in the way its set aside in a Stalinist dictatorship, a dictatorship of the banks, for the banks, by the banks.



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