Propaganda – Orwellian Newspeak !

May 25, 2012

More balance is required in the Referendum campaign. Speaking of balance, The Judge Feeney Propaganda Campaign is in full swing at the moment, but its been there for quite a while already:

“Describing the Fiscal Stability Treaty, Judge Feeney said, “The Treaty is about strengthening the rules designed to make governments keep a balance between their income and their spending. There are already EU rules about this which apply to Ireland. The Treaty aims to strengthen these rules and requires countries to put some of them into national law.”

It’s on their website and on the airwaves supported with public money that supposedly was earmarked to be spent on objectivity and balance. Its not apparent from bombast and the oxymoron implicit in the above, but let me elaborate
Consider “The Treaty aims to strengthen these rules and requires countries to put some of them into national law”.

Who the heck objects to good housekeeping rules? The Orwellian Newspeak of deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language used to mislead and manipulate the public has its mind bending fulcrom in the word, ’strengthen’.

You are not informed that the Irish Constitution will be weakened; that excessive and dangerous powers are proposed to be handed over to European bureaucrats and technocrats who will police Ireland’s debt with powers requiring a Referendum:

Just maybe AG Marie Whelan noticed the following in our constitution and saw the stranglehold of the treaty’s hands on 2.1:

2. 1° The sole and exclusive power of making laws for the State is hereby vested in the Oireachtas: no other legislative authority has power to make laws for the State.”

Its completely misleading not to point out to the public that proposed changes under the FC will make national law subservient to ECB/ESM law. It deliberately conceals this subservience as many readers assume, even with the insertion of the FC into the Irish Constitution, that the Irish Constitution will take precedence in our courts.

Such propaganda now extends to an attempt by some to promote the view that no changes to the Irish Constitution are contemplated at all deliberately misleading and conconcealing the reality external ESM/FC will now comply to external decision makers over which we have powers of debt peonage only; a system by which debtors are bound in servitude to their creditors until their debts are paid.

On goes the propaganda on TV/Radio and newspapers:

For example,

“Let’s start with the new rules on the deficit. The legal basis for these have been present since the treaty on the functioning of the EU came into force in Mar 2010.

This was made possible by the Lisbon Treaty coming in to force on Dec 1, 2009.

Articles 121 and 126 do allow for surveillance of EU states that are in “excessive deficit” and ultimately allows fines to be imposed on them if they don’t reduce it. It also empowers the EU to demand that money be lodged with it by the non-compliant state. So the Government is right to assert that the legal basis for the present treaty rules on the deficit did already exist.”

Consider the phrase, “the legal basis for the present treaty rules on the deficit did already exist..”

Oh, why are we having a Referendum then ? Please don’t say, ” The Treaty aims to strengthen these rules and requires countries to put some of them into national law ”

I won’t frighten you more by telling you what those austerity rules are doing to this country; or, who and what rules will be applied, when cap in hand they look for Bailout 11.

Another Propaganda falsehood is Corporation Tax, the Y campaign refuse to discuss FTT (Financial Transaction Tax). Its as safe as a house apparently. We will retain our veto. I won’t right now delve into how safe our veto is, suffice it to say our veto re Corporation Tax is about as safe as a house on fire.

There is a strong move across Europe for a harmonisation of the tax base,

But here’s the deal. That’s not where CT is vulnerable. Where CT is highly vulnerable is already implicit in the rules governing our present bailout and any future bailout under ESM.

Its simple arithmetic. If there is no debt writedown under ELA/PN and none is proposed; if we are to meet our deficit reduction and debt repayment obligations under current and future FC/ESM rules, if taxpayers have no more to give, or if they come visiting Dáil Éireann like protestors on the way to Dracula’s Castle, or if they are peeved with our present incumbents like Romanians under Nicolae Ceaușescu, who similarly tried to pay off all foreign debt, then, we won’t be using the veto. We’ll be delighted to comply in order to save our scalps. We’ll insert another ECB/ESM/Troika suction tube into the IFSC and Corporation Tax along with the next round of cuts to budgets for health and education.

It’s better to be confused than to be misinformed. But this is rather simple. We are being asked to make an omelette with a bunch of rotten eggs.

The chicken from which the golden eggs came is ailing; it hasn’t the political or economic means to succeed because it was born with a condition that meant, it was built to fail. We didn’t know about this until recently.

Next time we can fail better but meanwhile we need to take the chicken out of its misery and not extend the agony. Most of all, we shouldn’t try to make an omelette out of those rotten ESM eggs. You can help the chicken out of its agony by voting No.

The country has a lot going for itself outside the euro. There are plenty other options beyond the Y blinkers such as PuntNUA, sterling or dollar, better than the coffin being prepared under ESM bailiffs for this country. Our biggest deficit is one of leadership, which makes the outlook not good. If the Y win the Referendum convincingly, our options above will be reduced and the weather outlook in that scenario, will not be good. Debt peonage will be our destiny for the foreseeable future. Smart people will leave and prosper elsewhere.



2 Responses to “Propaganda – Orwellian Newspeak !”

  1. Paul Hunt said


    I don’t agree with the position you’re advancing, but I would adamantly defend your right to express it – and oppose any attempt to suppress or censor its expression. But Irish Economy is a private blog and what the proprietor decides is final.

    I have decided to cease commenting for much the same reason as you plan to.

    But I’m not going to leave it there.

    • colmbrazel said

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your kind words. Havn’t had time to update post with extra on ‘survey’ schenanigans and followup schenanigans. Interested in ‘But I’m not going to leave it there’. I’ve good skills in IT and thought of setting up a forum free of censorship for Krugmanites 🙂 like myself to get a word in, but I’m not so sure it would be a good idea. Always enjoyed your posts though I’m not experienced in the areas you obviously have deep experience in. I’ll be concentrating on global perspectives more in the future. Its been a tremendous learning experience though the eye opening realisation the creators of the mess politically and in the economics profession are still in charge was difficult to bear. Being a tiny cog (they are rare enough) in a wheel of dissent regarding benighted private banking that goes back to the 18th century in the US, I hope to continue keeping a weather eye in that whole area as it grows increasingly turbulent.



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