The Sinking of Ireland – there’s nothing going on!

January 20, 2011

Alan Barrat of the ESRI has a report on the economy here: On radio he was forecasting emigration numbers over the next 2 years to reach upwards of 150000 In the midst of this is the fact that exports are doing well resulting in:

‘The forecasts in this Commentary see GDP growing by 1 ½ per cent in real terms in 2011 and by 2 ¼ per cent in 2012. The corresponding figures for GNP are ¼ per cent in 2011 and 1 ½ per cent in 2012.’

Because of the use of propaganda by this government, the difference between truth and lies is routinely blurred. For example, regularly churned out is the mantra ‘the economy is turning the corner, exports are doing well’.

We shouldn’t have to reread George Orwell’s Animal Farm to see this lie is just another of Napoleon’s windmill lies that will be blown down.

The fact is both the ESRI and the government are guilty of distorting the use of language. Exports are one part of the economy, here’s a useful definition, – economy -‘the system of production and distribution and consumption’.

In Ireland the system of production and distribution and consumption has broken down. The evidence comes from a truer index of economic health and growth than ‘exports’, it comes from ‘employment and emigration’ and surging of both figures.

The fact is consumers are not consuming and the distribution of wealth is broken because it works from a broken model of high property/rent extraction and the penalisation of citizens through taxes to pay for the losses of the wealthy few.

So, our economic model is broken.  Next time a government spokesperson or Alan Barrat from the ESRI extoll a rise in exports, stop listening and go read Animal Farm by George Orwell.

News also comes today that five ministers are to resign

Crew gets changed as ship sinks, bit late for that:) Clearly fantasy and delusion are consuming the mind of Clowen at this juncture.

Time for a phone call from Commission President José Manuel Barosso to complain about Joe Higgins and some other IMF/EU bailout noose matters.

See Barosso here, he’s nursing Ireland along quite well, isn’t he?

“In the wee hours of one of his last mornings on earth, a nurse came into Stan’s room to give him emergency aid. Stan looked up and said, “You know what? I’d lot rather be skiing.” The nurse said, “Do you ski, Mr. Laurel?” He said, “No! But I’d lot rather be skiing than doing this.”

Read more:

Cowen, Ireland’s biggest gombeen has fought off a leadership challenge from Micháel Martin, our ex Minister for Foreign Affairs, following his resignation upon losing the leadership challenge.

Curiously Cowen claims decisions Cowen  made  regarding the banks were in the ‘national interest’, but he seems to stop short of saying these decisions were the right decisions.

Last time I heard ‘national interest’ was up to €4.8 bn/annum. Perhaps the Pravda RTE lightweight interviewers should probe him more on the meaning of ‘national interest’?

Sure maybe the ‘national interest’ is the 5.8% IMF/EU bailout ’sink hole’ noose he negotiated for us stripping out the National Pension Reserve Fund and any remaining assets held by the NTMA prior to its gutting of the rest of our economy.

The scheister is beginning to go up his own #!??! and is now comparing himself to Papandreou, who is perhaps a shining example of someone doing a good job in difficult circumstances, unlike Biffo the crocodile with Ireland in its jaws as he drags this country under water to default.

“We saved the country from the immediate danger, and it is in our hands to build the Greece of tomorrow with a plan,” the premier said, adding that what is sought is “the creation of a radically new model in the direction of social freedom, lawfulness, creativity and progress, with a productive and viable economy, green growth, and a new people-oriented model of collective organisation and operation.” (ANA-MPA)

At least Papandreou is dedicated to cleaning up the black economy mess of Greece, whereas our Biffo The Clowen, is dedicated to protecting the crony rule that has devastated Ireland.

‘National interest’ for Clowen means unlimited protection and support of the banks with money stolen from Irish taxpayers.

Perhaps ‘national interest’ is the emigrant boats and planes.

Perhaps ‘national interest’ is the aid given to our tourist industry?

We have a selection of national parks that will be developed by the unemployed to serve as community support for young people and tourism country wide.
see map in this url

Ghost Estates

Nope, wouldn’t be those toxic debt estates that because of lack of cleanup put the children of inhabitants in constant danger of death, while the residents get to enjoy the scourge of water/electric cut off followed by eventual eviction.

I hope he remains as the FFers party leader today, so we can enjoy, someone who had direct responsibility for these matters answering questions from tougher interviewers than any found at Pravda RTE.

But maybe a deal has already been struck to get him off the hook.

Pravda RTE and Clowen would be better off with Micháel Martin taking over the leadership.

Micháel might wash his hands of all this crap and tell us Biffo The Cowen and Lenny Liar were the one’s who got it Wrong.

National interest my #!??! Actually, what is the total debt of this country at the moment.  I vaguely recall  the ceiling of €7bn interest payments on €200 bn as our debt limit, are we at €170 bn and around…?

Here are the figures:

Would Pravda RTE just take those figures and slowly, carefully go through them all with Biffo, so we know the ‘national interest’.

Let the I’mFFer explain where those debts came from and explain to Barossa and Cowen why its in the national interest the taxpayer should pay for them all, or why Irish citizens and taxpayers should remain in the EU as a vassal state debt institution to pay for the debts of private banks!

Big Brother has arrived in Ireland.


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