December 24, 2010

The IMF/ECB bailout was nothing but a bailout for the banks. NAMA ia a bailout for the banks, but has clearly failed, -> the IMF/ECB signal above.

The whole episode is an episode in moral turpitude.

Tricky Trichet’s umbrage at Lenny’s collaborator act of financial fascism according himself dictator status in dealing with the banks clearly shows ‘Tricky’s only concern for Ireland is that Ireland has money to pay back German/French bondholders. He’s worried bondholders won’t get first bite of the Pension Reserve and NTMA remains, that Lenny might burn him!

McUseless in a revealing act of moral turpitude has been corrupted into the circle of moral debasement. She has disenfranchised the courts of its democratic role in protecting citizens. What way did the voting go at that meeting of the Council of State?

The arrival of the IMF/ECB into our affairs has brought about our titanic demise. This was our €85 bn gash below the waterline. The only question is, when will we default?

Moral turpitude = €85bn = the bankers, developers, political and professional class have had their feeding bowls topped up, but they’ll soon slurp their way through that and be back foraging for more!

Could we have a full statement from McUseless on her reasons for her support of Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Bill?

“The War You Don’t See” by John Pilger I managed to catch on TV recently, UTV, Dec 21,  is a documentary you must see, watch out for reshowings or catch extracts on youtube or here:

Here you see the power of propaganda, manipulation of the media, which define the terms ‘nobody’ and ‘everybody’. So, ‘everybody’ gets blasted with propaganda, every effort is made to ensure ‘nobody’ gets the truth.

In a local parallel to Pilger’s examples of truth manipulation, Lenny Wrong on radio during the week stated how his government had unequivocal international support for its response to the banking promise.

S&P, Fitches, Moody’s the international rating agencies who’ve downgraded Ireland along with international commentators such as Prof Joe Stiglitz, Krugman, Max Keiser and many, many others e.g the governments of Sweden, Finland and Iceland who’ve followed more successful paths in the recent past, do not count.

There is an Irish Gombeen government propaganda machine in full swing to make sure you do not have the truth. Propaganda will ensure that elements of the media e.g Pravda RTE will not challenge on any falsehood that threatens the status quo; a minimum of dissent allowed of course.

So simple questions, what is the evidence for WMD’s; where is the evidence the €85 bn will save this economy; can we afford this €85 bn loan at 5.8%? Will it save this economy from destruction? These questions go unasked and unanswered.

Instead, the latest recruit to the propaganda machine, who is McUseless, will pollyanna like attempt to lull the population into a form of stoic indifference.

Sure the economy will sometimes be good and sometimes be bad…sure life is more than economics…all this while the taxpayers purse is being stolen to pay for the fraudulent lending of private banks and the insider cabal who borrowed all and blew it all….

McUseless has neither the moral depth nor informed point of view able to explain or defend her actions to us in supporting The Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Bill, 2010 giving draconian powers to Lenny Wrong.

John Pilger forensically asks simple questions of leading players in the propaganda machine that supported the War in Iraq, many of whom express how they were manipulated and used to disseminate falsehood. It’s a must see journey for anyone interested in how media manipulate truth.

When do we get to see it on RTE?

OT, ‘Taking Sides’,shown on BBC1, Dec 21 set in Germany in 1946, catch a repeat of this, if you can: ‘Istvan Szabo’s film probes the soul of a conductor Wilhelm Furtwangler, who was feted by the third reich’ On one level the film was rather dead, on another the interrogation of Wilhelm after the war on the question of his collaboration with the third reich, as an examination of how insiders benefit from all the trimmings of public patronage, is fascinating to watch.

Isn’t it fascinating how in Ireland, in spite of huge opposition from other parties, in spite of huge opposition from the public, government have been able to run rings around the opposition and the media and enforce a banking policy abhorrent to the majority of people in Ireland. This is being done with the same lies and deceit as the WMDs of Iraq.

Our financial war was fought in favour of the banks by Lenny Wrong & Co, both he and Biffo The Clown got it wrong, over and over and over again. They’ve succeeded in bringing us to financial Armageddon, the future of Irish taxpayers under grave risk. The countdown to default has begun.

As I finish this little piece,  its Christmas Eve and there’s a one hour documentary on Pravda RTE on the history of ‘The Toy Show’. Welcome to Ireland’s newly incarnated IMF banana republic of Gombeenism that can fry your brain.  Have a Great Christmas and remember every cloud has a silver lining!

Additional content added 28/12/2010 :

Apparently concern is growing



2 Responses to “McUseless!”

  1. This lady was paid off a long time ago

    Dear Madam President,

    The Nama Bill was passed in the Dail this afternoon by 81 votes to 62.

    This is the single biggest fraud perpetrated on the |Irish people and all
    81 TD’s that

    Voted for this will be held accountable!

    Nama will buy property loans with a supposed book value of 77 billion
    Euros, according to the Government

    Brian Lenihan has estimated that the loans are currently worth about €47

    On what bases could he possible justify this valuation?

    Who exactly is being bailed out, none other than foreign entities with no
    allegiance to Ireland

    Why anybody would take anything that this person says seriously, judging on
    his past record and bearing in mind that this person is responsible for the
    crises in the first place along with his incompetent cohorts !

    By overpaying by €7 billion, the Government hopes to avoid bankrupting
    the banks

    What a laugh, somebody should tell him that they are all ready bankrupt,
    (morally, socially, and financially)

    These Banks have in the past stole from their own customers, the revenue
    and have being shown to be corrupt and found trying to manipulate each
    other’s shares and yearly accounts

    The Bill will now be sent to President Mary McAleese

    I appeal to you, the President, Mary McAleese

    not to sign this piece of legislation and as President to protect the
    Irish constitution which guarantees all the people the right to be heard

    The 500 green party members had their vote and now the vested interests in
    the Dail have had their say

    We the ordinary people want to have our say, call a referendum on NAMA

    Demand that this be brought before the people now!


    Mr.Thomas Clarke

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