Financial Fascism and Ireland!

December 4, 2010

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Best Hitler video on the Irish bust

‘then we’ll own their sorry souls..’

Followed by a close second:

‘Lenihan Dempsey Gormley and Aherne stay here…’

Brian Cowen Downfall

Derivatives and Silver, Ireland

Perhaps the Debt Agency for Irish Lending could break tomorrow for a few minutes to watch the now gone viral:

They could then reconvene to allow Lenny and Cowen to do an address the nation type broadcast, a Hammer Production, something along the lines of:

Enough diversion, firstly, a word on the Greens exit from Government:

Here’ gormless leading us all down the yellow brick road to NAMA and the banking financial disaster that has led to the IMF

Here he is last October like a Hare Krishna disciple of the government looking for consensus
from us all!

John Gormley Pied Piper of Hamlin pleads for asylum after leading the Greens out of government to save his political skin:

David McCullagh, RTÉ’s political correspondent, dismissed it as a much-needed laugh for the country, full speech appears on Greens website.

What a feckin whiner! Lol, baba lost his FF bottle!

I think its best to look at what has happened and what is happening from the point of view of FF financial fascism.

Laugh away at the following, but there is a darker side to all of this:

The darker side comes from the fact that a financial coup d’etat has taken place.

Citizens are no longer in control. Checkout posts here on the sad role of the President in relation to guarding the rights of citizens re involvement of IMF.

What does it mean to say the state has been overrun by financial fascists and their FF glove puppets.

Reading posts on and is like observing democracy in a car crash. The  rights of citizens are being slowly eroded and democracy is melting away before your eyes.

This must have been similar to the experiences described in ‘The Pianist’ where those in the Warsaw ghetto experienced the tentacles of the SS slowly tightening as hope waned.

We are well along that trajectory.

Lenny stood up in the Dail the other day and said the ’straight jacket’ (bailout)was not subject to international law.

See thread on DmcW earlier article couple of weeks back, Pouring More Money Into Banks Is theft,

“Article 29.5.2 provides that:

“The State shall not be bound by any international agreement involving a charge upon public funds unless the terms of the agreement shall have been approved by Dáil Éireann”.

clearly ‘international agreement involving a charge upon public funds ‘ does not exclude non contractual binding agreements as link suggests.

Is Eurogroup aid given on an EU constitutional basis that supercedes our own constitution? Our Supreme Court should adjudicate on it. We havn’t even been given the legal memoranda upon which the agreement is based. Edicts such as these are more native to dictatorships, banana republics or Cold War states in the previous USSR.

Its hard to know where to start on the information clampdown but  why can’t I see the legal documents or even the breakdown of the interest rates on the dreadnought ‘bailout’ nuke of the Irish economy, or be told the positions taken by the negotiating team with a log of discussions; or indeed even the individual interests rates levied against parties to the ‘bailout’ agreement that translate to a mean average of 5.8% on the €67.5bn levied against Irish citizens.

For example, the IMF have said their contribution was at a little over 3.2%, does that mean the EFSF levied aan interest rate of 7% plus?

We get lies and secrets, the world of unaccountable financial fascism.

NAMA is like a fortress of secret coverups protected by undemocratic fascist legislation with unaccountable powers vested in Lenihan.

Simply put,  there appear to be two realities emerging in the world, particularly evident in Ireland because of recent events.

There is the visible world of ‘free government, legal profession, media, the instruments of state’.

Then there is the invisible world of financialization hidden behind the visible world, not subject to its laws, to democracy, to commercial law or state law.

It wields enormous powers and its tentacles are now suffocating the very foundation of democracy in Ireland. It is above the law.

The bankers and their glove puppets in FF have taken over this country. ‘European partners’ -> read our new police from the IMF/EFSF. The Dail is now nothing more than a Debt Agency for Irish Lending.

Perhaps any new incoming administration might look at our constitution and legislation to prevent any future gang borrowing trillions without the consent of citizens and their children, those who will have to pay it back!

First we create the banking crisis, then we exponentially increase its severity with the most worthless solution humanity has yet devised to solve the problems it presents to us!

Default is inevitable at this point, as a consequence of the most expensive bailout of banks in the history of the world!



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  1. Chris said

    These people have figured out the Irish crisis politics and the markets

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